Woven Strapping

CSD Packaging carry a full range of Strapping from 12mm x 1000m Blue poly through to Python Woven Polyester, Cord Strap and Steel all at very affordable pricing. Specialist in Woven Polyester strap. Wholesale prices

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Best packaging strapping materials in Melbourne

CSD Packaging can help you find the perfect packaging solution that meets your specific industry needs and applications.
At CSD Packaging, we understand the packaging needs differ from customer to customer, which is why we bring a range of fully customized services where you can select the accurate packaging materials in small or large quantities.
Our packaging strapping solutions vary on the basis of their load strength and stretch recovery. Depending on the type of cartons or pallets you need to ship or the number of items you have, we can supply the right strapping and accessories, tools and products for the job.
Our complete range of packaging strapping services includes hand tools and strapping machines that will fit any business. CSD Packaging is one of the reputed wholesale suppliers of packaging in Melbourne. Through our on-time product delivery, we aim to cater to the exact transport and storage requirements of our customers.
Discover our innovative and high-quality packaging products and improve your productivity and safety during transit.

Woven Strap

If you need help finding a suitable packing solution, our unique strapping products and equipment can help. We stock a variety of strapping accessories such as woven straps, steel straps, polypropylene straps, buckles, seals and much more.
The heavy-duty Python woven strapping is lightweight and contains no sharp edges that make it the perfect packaging material for machinery and pallets. It has a high breaking strain and remains unaffected by extreme temperature and humidity levels. The strong filaments woven together for added strength makes it the perfect strapping alternative to other types of materials.

Poly Strapping

Poly strapping is manufactured from plastic, it is generally used for strapping cartons and lighter pallets. If you’re searching for a lightweight strapping option, then we highly recommend you choose this easy to strap option. It is great for reinforcing products and can be applied using a buckle or seal.
The recyclable packaging strapping materials can be differentiated based on their strengths and the type of product to be packed. The poly straps can be used to transport the products safely without causing any damage to the products.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is a highly stable form of strapping. These types of strapping materials have high strength which effectively lightens the load. You can keep the packed bundles tightly in a single place during transit. Ideal for long storage times, steel strapping is ideal for loads.
The team at CSD Packaging works with the customers until they get the best products delivered to their doorstep. We pay equal attention to our customer’s requests and generally offer next day delivery. If you have special demand, we can provide customized strapping solutions to meet all your specifications.

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