Wholesale Bubble Wrap Melbourne

CSD Packaging specialises in protective packaging solutions and offers a comprehensive range of wrapping foams and bubble wrap in Melbourne. For over thirty decades, we have been supplying high-grade and cheap bubble wrap to manufacturers, retailers, and the general public. Our collection of protective packaging is suitable for a variety of applications.

We are confident that you will precisely find what you want when you browse through our exclusive range of bubble wrap in Melbourne. Our expert team will also help you choose the ideal protective packaging that is most suitable for your needs.

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Cheap Bubble Wrap Suppliers in Melbourne

Bubble wrap is probably some of the most widely used packaging material for the preservation and protection of a wide number of items, whether personal goods or business products. As a wholesale supplier of bubble wraps and other protective packaging materials in Melbourne, our goal at CSD Packaging is to provide you with the best quality products at much cheaper rates. When you buy our cheap bubble wrap and other products in bulk quantities, we ensure you are paying even lesser than usual.

Our bubble wrap are available in both single-layer regular grade and double/triple-layer heavy duty grade. Also, we are the suppliers of the high-quality and affordable PAKMAN and SANCELL bubble wraps that come in over ten different size formats.

We offer special discounted prices when you buy five or more rolls of our cheap bubble wrap from PAKMAN. Click here to view our specials!

Why use Bubble Wraps for Packaging?

  • Excellent insulation against impact and vibrations.
  • Can be used again and again.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • Cost-effective way of wrapping things for storage or transit.
  • Highly versatile and can be cut, slit, rolled, crushed, or folded as per requirement.
  • Can be easily converted into sheets, bags, or tubes as required.
  • Can be used to fill voids or for interleaving.
  • Fun way to relieve stress by bursting those air-filled bubbles!

Our Exclusive Range of Protective Packaging Products

  • Bubble wraps: Our small-sized bubble wrap can be used for packing and storage of delicate items like vases, glassware, etc. Large-sized bubble wrap can be used as padding for furniture, household goods, musical instruments, etc. during house moving or storage.
  • Void-filling bubble wrap: These are specialised and perforated bubble wrap that are ideal for wrapping as well as for filling voids in cartons and packaging boxes.
  • Anti-static bubble wrap: Packaging electrical goods and heavy machinery can be very challenging since friction can cause static electricity build-up and damage the items. Our anti-static bubble wraps are specially designed for the storage and protection of such items and come in pink colour.
  • Bubble bags: These bags have bubbles on the outside and are a low-cost packaging solution for the protection of similar-sized items like books, photo frames, CDs, etc.
  • BIOFILL: This biodegradable, water-dissolving loose fill is great for efficient void filling in boxes, cartons, etc.

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