Cardboard Shredder

Recycling cardboard waste to packaging supplies

Save the environment with the cardboard shredder that munches on any cardboard waste and turns them into packaging material. Replace synthetically produced protective packing like bubble wrap and styrene products with eco-friendly recycled cardboard void filling material.

Using a Cardboard Muncha is a very sustainable way to recycle cardboard which is a very environment-friendly act. This significantly reduces the cutting down of trees to produce fresh paper-based packing material.

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Great way to reduce packing material cost

You must be spending a lot of money to buy void-filling material to wrap products and ship. Invest in a cardboard muncher to cut down on packing material costs. Recycle cardboard waste that gives your required packing material at minimum cost.

Get revenues through recycling

Cardboard recycle is a way to earn revenues by extensively reducing the huge volume of industrial cardboard waste that is generated every day, thus, saving storage space.

A cardboard muncher is an economical and also an efficient way to haul and reduce waste. This also reduces your carbon footprint because you can reuse the packaging materials over and over again.


If you are looking for a strong and reliable cardboard shredder, this is the one for you. This machine can easily handle large volumes of cardboard waste and turn them into perforated packing material daily.


  • Fits into any place
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Can shred 3ply cardboard
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick disposal of cardboard materials
  • Internal trimmer to cut off the excess feed
  • Less noise
  • Less power consumption
  • Low maintenance

Say no to foam beads and bubble wrap

The Cardboard Muncha is a great way to produce your own void-filling material cardboard scrap. Protect the environment while you protect your products.

Csdpacking brings you this shredder at an amazingly low price. Compact and durable, this machine performs at an industrial level.

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With Cardboard Muncha, a shredder by function, you can now begin recycling cardboards to either store them effectively or use eco-friendly fillers for packaging. Recycling cardboard with shredders reduces your waste management costs, saves on space, and you can even make money selling insulation for stables. All your wasted, unused, and worn out cardboards can be recycled to enhance their value with our compact-designed Cardboard Muncha.

Yes, cardboard is multiple layers of paper that are compacted to create stiff and sturdy packaging material. Cardboard can be recycled to reduce wastage by either shredding them or reusing them as packaging fillers. Cardboard Muncha is a versatile cardboard shredding machine that enables you to recycle cardboard and reduce your waste output. Cardboard Muncha can shred any cardboard, even with plastic adhesive tapes or other stickers.

The cardboard shredders are built for simplicity and long service life. The Cardboard Muncha is a compact designed cardboard shredder that is easy to use and is built to have minimal downtime, and can function as desired for many years together. At CSD packaging, we also offer prompt service options to ensure that your cardboard shredder gets up and running as soon as possible.

As corrugated cardboard is also a variety of multiple papers stacked together, Cardboard Muncha cardboard shredder can also be used to recycle paper and cardboard together. Please note the security requirements for recycling paper.

When your business deals with hordes of cardboard boxes, the used cardboard boxes take up space and become unwanted. By using cardboard shredders, you shred big bulky boxes into manageable strips that take much less space and can be recycled to use as package filler materials. They offer an eco-friendly option as compared to Styrofoam, plastic or bubble wrap packaging fillers. Plus, you save money on waste management and save the money spent on redundant fillers.

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