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CSD Packaging brings you an exhaustive range of wholesale paper and paper products to match all your specifications and needs! We are one of the trusted paper suppliers in Melbourne with more than thirty years of experience in the packaging business. We are associated with a vast network of manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to bring in high-quality paper at wholesale prices.

As a reputed paper supplier in Melbourne, we have refined our product quality over the years, so that we can offer to bring in state-of-the-art paper products with more scope of applications in businesses or personal use.

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Wholesale Wrapping Paper in Melbourne

CSD Packaging offers a wide range of multi-purpose and practical wrapping papers in Melbourne. Our wholesale wrapping paper range includes the following types:

  • Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper: These types of papers are perfect for lending a stylish, traditional look to DIY gift wrapping ideas. They are easily customisable, cost-effective, sturdy, and work for a lot of situations.
  • White News Wrapping Paper: These have a wide range of applications and are great for wrapping, interleaving, and void-filling.
  • Acid-Free Tissue Wrapping Paper: These wrapping papers are specially made for wrapping or storage of linen or cotton textile items without the concern of acid leaching into the fabric material. They are also great for interleaving.
  • Magazine/Butcher Wrapping paper: These wrapping papers are made to resist moisture and are food-grade. They are great for packing, preserving, storing, and protecting food items.

In addition to the above types of wrapping papers, we also supply high-grade Copy Paper at cheap rates. All our wholesale wrapping papers come in a variety of sizes to suit any requirement. They can also be customised as per client requirements.

To buy our wholesale paper products or to view a complete list, click here. We also take large or bulk orders for all wrapping papers in Melbourne.

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Advantages of Using Paper for Wrapping

The most significant advantage of using paper for wrapping or interleaving purposes is that it is very economical. Buying bulk wrapping paper in wholesale prices is a great way to save money, especially during the holiday seasons when gift-wrapping becomes more prevalent. Another advantage of using paper wrappings is that these are made from eco-friendly materials and hence can be recycled. Thus, they help reduce the amount of waste material going to landfills each year.

Why Choose CSD Packaging for Wrapping Paper in Melbourne?

For many years, we at CSD Packaging are amongst the preferred wholesale paper suppliers in Melbourne, simply because our products are much cheaper than the ongoing market rates! Whatever your wholesale paper needs, we guarantee we will help! Moreover, we promise fast deliveries of orders, locally and nationwide, with a 48-hour product return option at customer’s expenses.

So, if you are still looking for a reliable wholesale paper supplier in Melbourne, now is the time to give us a call and place your orders!

Call on 9729 2775 or email info@csdpackaging.com.au for more information

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