ARMOUR Bags / Mailing Bags

We have a full range Sancell ARMOUR Padded Mailing Bags, they are light weight but Strong. Suited perfectly for bulk mail outs where Security and Protection are required .
Our range of Armour Padded Mailing Bags are now available in trendy Black and traditional White.

Choose from end or side opening bags to suit your particular packing requirements. Best of all, these bags are proudly manufactured in Australia made from a minimum 15% recycled poly and 100% recyclable.

Sancell Armour Padded Mailing bags Features:

* Available in black & white

*All-Around padded protection

*Side Opening option for easy loading

*Tamper evident seal

*High Slip Inner surface for easy loading

*100% Recyclable

We have all sizes covered, if not they can be custom made and Printed

Ask about Sancell Armour Padded Banner bags. The short run alternative to get your advertising message our there

Call or email  us for an obligtion free quote 03 9729 2775 or

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