Armour Mailing Bags

Armour Mailing bags are ideal for the protection of products and items during long-distance delivery or shipping. Padded mailing bags are made of plastic and hence are lightweight, water-resistant, and cost-effective. They look much more professional than conventional courier bags and are available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit a wide range of applications. Being recyclable and user-friendly, the demand for mailing bags have increased tremendously in recent times.

CSD Packaging brings you a broad range of mailing/courier bags at wholesale rates to cater to this increasing demand. We source our Armour mailing bags from trustworthy companies to ensure you get high-quality products at unbelievably cheap prices!

From light-duty to heavy-duty applications, we have an ideal mailing bag that is sure to suit your needs!

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Custom Mailing Bags

CSD Packaging specialises in custom-made mailing bags from SANCELL. SANCELL is a trusted brand in Australia when it comes to high-quality and environment-friendly packaging materials. At CSD Packaging, we have an exhaustive list of SANCELL armour-padded mailer bags, which come with the following features:

  • Made in Australia and 100% recyclable.
  • Four-layer LDPE padding for all-round protection.
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight, hence suitable for bulk packing and posting.
  • Comes in the end or side opening models for easy packing.
  • Available in traditional white and stylish black colours.
  • High-slip inner surface for easy insertion of items.
  • Fitted with a tamper-evident seal for security.

We have a ready stock of the most popular sizes for SANCELL armour-padded mailing bags. If you cannot find the size that you require, then we can customise the mailing bags as per your requirements. We can also print these custom mailing bags per your business needs. With our tailored sizes and printing, these custom mailing bags can help boost your brand awareness as well as business visibility.

JIFFY Padded Bags

We also sell padded courier bags from JIFFY. JIFFY padded mailing bags come in a variety of sizes. These are made of sturdy Kraft brown paper, padded with recyclable paper fibre inside that makes for heavy-duty protection of items during postage or shipping. All Jiffy mailing bags come with a smooth inner lining that allows easy product insertion. They are also fitted with self-seal closure for easy opening.

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Why choose CSD Packaging?

At CSD Packaging, we understand the importance of protecting your retail products or personal items when mailing or couriering them to a distant place! While it is possible that your package may be exposed to many types of damaging elements during the transit, our high-grade and durable mailing bags make sure that your items are safe. Also, through our custom mailing bags, we help boost your business by sending out the right message to prospective customers.

We offer fast and cheap delivery of all our mailing bags in the Melbourne metro area as well as nationwide.

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