Gel Ice Packs

Sancell’s NEW ProtectaChill; a non-toxic water based refrigerant sealed in a 100% PE bag.

ProtectaChill gel packs are a safe alternative to ice providing improvedshipping of temperature sensitive products. ProtectaChill offers a durable, high qualityproduct with the strength to provide your goods with a cost effective and economical optionfor shipping your thermally susceptible goods. ProtectaChill provides longer lasting thermalprotection compared to ice as well as the benefit of not having water leakage problems.

Protecta Chill Ice Packs, With Bubble or without. Available in  300g, 500g or 1 Kilo. Custom print is available.

For bulk order please contact us at or phone 03 9729 2775

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Reusable Gel Ice Pack Suppliers in Melbourne

Gel ice packs are the perfect ice substitutes used to safely store and transport items that are temperature sensitive. They are widely used in shipping and delivering perishable food items and dairy products. Besides the food and beverage industry, these ice packs are also used in the medical industry.
CSD Packaging offers the best ice replacement solution in the form of an ice pack bag. The bag consists of a non-toxic water-based gel used for shipping products while maintaining the desired temperature range.
The gel freezer pack is an effective solution ideal for transporting seafood, perishables, medicines, meat and dairy. During our journey, we have served many foods processing and packaging industries in Australia. Our team is committed to providing world-class product packaging tools and equipment while fulfilling the demands of our customers.
We offer unparalleled services along with innovative packaging solutions in Australia according to our customer’s industry and their individual packaging needs. We are sure once you choose our packaging services, you’ll be satisfied with the results of our customer-centred solutions.

Features Of Gel Ice Packs

• Economical and cost-effective packaging solution
• Ideal for storing perishable products
• Can withstand adverse temperatures and pressures
• Available in customised sizes
• Can be reused and consists of non-toxic gel
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Minimises the risk of product spoilage
• Last longer than ice

If you want to use a gel freezer pack for commercial use and transport products, we assure you that you will get the expected results. The gel packs can be directly laid over the product some styles have a bubble liner on one side to prevent freezer burn. The cold air released from the pack is enough to maintain a steady temperature during transit.

CSD Packaging offers cost-effective and reusable gel ice packs customised according to the customer’s industry and other transportation specifications. The outer covering of the gel pack is made from polyethylene which keeps the product cold and fresh for a longer time period as compared to normal ice.
Whether you are looking for a versatile solution to store, pack and transport temperature-sensitive products, our gel freezer pack can solve all your problems.

Benefits of Reusable Ice Packs

CSD Packaging brings the ultimate range of commercial-grade reusable ice packs. We offer ice packs that are completely reusable and can be disposed of. They stay frozen and cool for a longer time when used in ice boxes and bags.
The best thing about our reusable ice packs is that they are formulated to help maintain a temperature range required to keep the food and other perishable items fresh for use. You can also use it to transport medicines and vaccines safely.
Connect with our customer care staff today. If you are looking for a specific kind of gel packs for your industry, we can help you locate the right product on our website. The packs are available in different sizes and quantities. We customise orders on demand.
Share your project details with us and we will help you place your order.

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