Packaging Tips For Shipping

1. When packaging, try to use the closest carton size for your goods. Generally internal movement causes the damage (see the cartons & corrugated board section)

2. By wrapping and packing out the cartons with products such as Paper or Bubble wrap can help avoid breakage (see bubble wrap, bubble bags & protective packaging)

3. Label cartons and packages clearly and correctly can avoid confusion when unpacking. (see Adhesive Labels & Envelopes)

4. Using Fragile, Handle with Care, Top load Only Labels, will help to ensure careful handling. (see Adhesive Labels & Envelopes)

5. Use Heavy Labels for heavy items. (see Adhesive Labels & Envelopes)

6. Bundling Film is handy to tie up railings and slats for beds (See Plastic Shrink and Stretch films)

7. Tape Guns for your tape, saves time looking for the end of the packaging tape. A small investment but well worth it

8. Resealable bags are an ideal way to keep those bits and pieces together.

9. When packing heavier items such as books and crockery, use smaller cartons so they are not as heavy to carry.

10. Those expensive bottle of wine can be put into PAKMAN wine bottle bags.

If you have any ideas to add please let us know

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