Top 4 Reasons to Choose Mailing Bags

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  • December 16, 2021

When you think of packaging, the traditional cardboard boxes with bubble wraps and void filling is what we trust to offer robust packaging solutions. However, the modern mailing bags that are padded inside offer far better robust packaging solutions, especially for expensive, small items or even heavyweight ones.

Here are 4 reasons why we believe the jiffy padded bags offer far more benefits to you for shipping safely.

Lightweight design:

One of the biggest reasons for customers to abandon a cart is the cost of the shipping. With lightweight polythene jiffy padded mailing bags, you can bring down the cost of shipping, which will eventually translate to more conversion and increased customer retention. The lightweight mailing bags are custom-sized and can be optimised to your packaging needs and reduce the postal costs of shipping.

Less prone to water damage:

With nationwide, year-round shipping options, you’d want to send packages to your customer that reaches them without damage or being soaked in water. Cardboard boxes are porous and prone to damage by water seepage. With the jiffy padded mailing bags, there is less risk for water damage, and you can be assured to have your package reach your customers intact. Avoid the risk of water damage by choosing mailing bags. Some brands of polythene jiffy padded bags are multi-layered, offering almost waterproof capabilities to the packaging bags.

They are 100% recyclable:

Are you thinking about the environmental impact of polythene bags, and that’s the reason for not opting for mailing bags? Then you have nothing to worry about, as polythene mailing bags are 100% recyclable. By choosing jiffy padded mailing bags, you are choosing sustainable packaging solutions. Some mailing bag manufacturers have gone a step further and sell mailing bags made from recycled polythene. Choose lower shipping costs that are also sustainable with custom mailing bags.

Personalisation for marketing and versatility:

Many mailing bags manufacturers offer their products in a range of products, sizes, colours and prices. There are inexpensive, effective ones with long side openings. You could even add your company branding and marketing elements to the mailing bags to deliver using branded packaging supplies when you buy in bulk.

Jiffy padded mailing bags come in black to increase security, have long side openings for reduced packaging time, and tamper-proof sealing to ensure that your customers receive the package as intended.

We also have heavy-duty Armour mailing bags – an ideal solution to long-distance shipping. Armour mailing bags are made of recyclable plastic and have multiple layers to choose the level of water resistance you’d need. They are lightweight and save money on shipping costs and reduce the overall prices on your product by being less bulky. Available in various sizes, colours and suited to multiple products across industries, the armour mailing bags can be customised to include branding signage and customer engaging graphics.

CSD Packaging is the leading wholesaler of jiffy padded mailing bags/courier bags from reputed and reliable manufacturers. We source it directly in bulk, and you get to enjoy the benefits at highly cost-effective prices.

From light-duty to heavy-duty applications, we have an ideal mailing bag that is sure to suit your needs!

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