Tips for Choosing the Right Packaging for your product

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  • September 3, 2021

You need to be careful when it comes to choosing the right packaging for your products as it plays a crucial role in product promotion and branding. Having the right type of packaging supplies in Melbourne will enable you todetermine how your target consumers will respond to the product.

If you want to set your brand apart from your competitors, you should be aware of the different packaging materials available in the market. Although the shape, design and materials affect the product packaging, there are also other factors you need to keep in mind such as your target customers, material availability in your area, your preferred packaging system and so on.

This blog will guide you in choosing just the perfect packaging material for your products. Here is a list of main pointers to help you get started.

What’s your style of branding?

Do you have a specific branding idea in mind? If you are planning on launching a new product in the market, then you need to be more careful while thinking of the overall product’s presentation. What are the essential design elements in your mind? It could include- company’s logo, theme colours, graphics, product name, font style/size.

Tip: Once you are done finalising the product’s look, you can contact the packaging wholesalers and buy the material in bulk to save time and money.

What’s your style of branding?

Every business plan runs on a specific budget. You’ll be surprised to know there are many budget-friendly product packaging options you can opt for such as mailing bags or cartons that suit your branding style. Although, your packaging needs may be more dependent on the type of product you have. For instance, if you want to ship items such as apparel, jewellery or household items, you can pick out a durable, scratch-proof as well as wear-resistant material. But for shipping delicate items such as glassware or electronics, you may need packaging material that offers more protection and is resilient to big impacts.

Tip: Having wholesale packaging boxes will solve your packaging problems in an instant.

What is your preferred transportation method?

After choosing the package design and settling on a budget, you need to consider the functionality and durability aspects of the bulk packaging supplies. Corrugated boxes are much more resilient than paper and normal cardboard boxes. The boxes should be strong enough to retain their original shape even after the product is delivered to the customers. You may need to use more than two types of packing materials to ensure 100% protection of the items and goods. 

Tip: Think about the product’s size before selecting suitable packaging materials as they are available in a variety of dimensions and designs.

Who are your target customers?

No doubt you’ve got an endless variety of packaging supplies in Melbourne. Some will be more sustainable while some will cost you less. But in the end, you need to think from your customer’s perspective. A product’s appearance reflects a brand’s identity, which is why you should review all the pros and cons of the packaging materials. Think about what your customers will expect when they receive the product. Here your main objective is to appeal to the interests of your customers and implement marketing and branding techniques to get the desired output.

Tip: Research your competitors. Study their product packaging styles and find out what it is that your audience may find appealing about the trendy packaging styles and designs. 

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