Bubble wrap is the top choice for packing anything that has to be shipped or transported from one place to another without any damage. Whether it is shifting houses or a business that has to ship items daily in bulk, we know all about bubble wrap and always purchase bubble wrap wholesale.

But why do we choose bubble wrap for packaging when there are also several other materials available? Bubble wrap has many advantages which other packaging materials do not have. This makes bubble wrap a top choice for packing cargo. Keep reading to find out more!

Different Types Of Bubble Wrap

Let us have a quick look at the different types of bubble wrap that you can get before moving on to knowing the advantages of using it. This will help you pick the correct bubble wrap in Melbourne for your requirement.

  • General bubble wrap: Commonly available which is strong enough to resist small impacts. You can layer it for more protection.  
  • Temperature controlling bubble wrap: Has a special type of cellular insulation which is best for items that can be affected by temperature.
  • FDA grade bubble wrap: Suitable for shipping fruits, gourmet food, chocolate or any food item from contamination and shipping damages.
  • Anti-static bubble wrap: Provides extra safety to electronic items and components by keeping them static-free.
  • High-grade bubble wrap: Made from heavy-duty material that is stronger and studier for heavy items that have high chances of getting dropped.
  • Foam-backed bubble wrap: Has an added layer of foam that withstands impact and scratches suited for goods with glossy surfaces.

Advantages Of Using Bubble Wrap

Now, let us now know the advantages of using bubble wrap for packing:

Excellent Impact Insulation

The primary function of bubble wrap is to keep goods safe from impact that may lead to damage during transit. Most damages are caused due to road bumps and rough handling. Bubble wrap has sealed air in the bubbles that form a sturdy and durable protective layer against impact. Businesses shipping goods through couriers and freight carriers get bubble wrap in wholesale as they need to wrap goods in double or triple layers. This ensures that the goods are delivered to the customer without any breakage. You can also use these wraps to fill voids in the box. These wraps are used to protect all types of goods including fragile items.

Lightweight Packing Material

Bubble wrap is the lightest void filling and packing material available. The material is made of almost weightless, ultra-durable plastic with pockets of air. This adds minimal weight while packing goods which saves shipping costs when shipping by weight. Bubble wrap is the best cost-saving solution for bulk cargo shipping as it potentially lessens fuel costs.

Reusable and Eco-friendly

If you open the bubble wrap carefully from the cargo without damaging the air bubbles, you can reuse it. You can wrap and fill the void in the container which will serve the same purpose as fresh bubble wrap. This makes the product eco-friendly. Most retail companies selling products online have easy customer returns. You can pack the product in the same bubble wrap and return it.

Inexpensive and Economical

Bubble wrap is inexpensive and the fact that it can be reused makes it economical also adding to the savings you can make. If you are moving house or running a business that involves shipping, purchase bubble wrap at wholesale price. The cost will be less. Bags padded with bubble wrap known as jiffy padded bags are available now which are cost-effective, protects cargo and is easy to use.

Ideal for Custom Packing

Bubble wrap is best for packing large, small and even oddly shaped items. The sheets are flexible and can be easily cut with scissors into any shape. You can also get companies providing customised bubble wrap in Melbourne if you are into packing irregularly shaped objects or have any special packaging needs.

With so many advantages, bubble wrap is no doubt the best packing material that is available in the market. Now that you also know the different types of bubble wrap that you can get, go ahead and pick the best one that will meet your need.

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