10 Advantages of Cardboard Shredders

  • csdpackaging
  • December 16, 2021

Shredders have been around for a large part of the last century. They have become a mainstream machine to dispose of sensitive documents. However, the latest cardboard shredders are changing the world of packaging by saving big money and the environment together.

With the surge in online shopping and eCommerce, packaging materials are used extensively. There is always a drive to be more eco-friendly and adopt sustainable practices.

Thanks to the Cardboard Muncha, you don’t have to feel guilty about going through hordes of cardboard boxes and being in a position to recycle, reuse and repackage in a way that enhances your packaging capabilities and reduces the cost of supplies while reducing your business carbon footprint.

Here are 10 compelling reasons that make cardboard shredders an advantageous purchase for your packaging business.

Reduce storage space:

In your business, if you are predominantly dependent on cardboard boxes for your day-to-day operations, you are sure to easily pile up a lot of unused and wasted cardboard boxes. They take up valuable space while making your premises look unprofessional. A Cardboard Muncha is the shredder that will help you organise your unused and wasted pieces of cardboard to repurpose them or help stack up a neat pile of shredded cardboard that takes much less space.

Improves security:

With the exponential growth of the eCommerce sector, sensitive information often gets printed directly onto cardboard boxes. By using a cardboard shredder as part of your packaging supplies in Melbourne, you are ensuring that the information gets shredded and is not prone to be misused in any form. You are protecting your business and your clients by effective handling of confidential information.


Void filling packaging though useful to protect the shipped items are generally wasteful, and the packaging sector is driving the adoption of biodegradable options. With the Cardboard Muncha, you are handling two problems with a single solution. Using your cardboard shredder, you’ll be reusing all wasted cardboard to create effective void filling packaging. You are saving dollars and reducing your carbon footprint by reusing all wasted cardboard materials.

Saving dollars:

By using cardboard shredders, you are saving big time on buying plastic void fillers. That’s one part of it. Shredded cardboard is an excellent insulation material that is used in stables for horses. You can actually make money with your Cardboard Muncha by selling quality insulation materials at competitive prices. The cardboard shredder pays for itself more quickly than you’d expect.

Versatile design and range to suit all types of businesses:

Whether you are a large enterprise looking for robust 3 phase cardboard shredders that can shred in large volumes or looking for a small and efficient Cardboard Muncha for your small to medium business, you can find the perfect match amongst packaging supplies in Melbourne. You can find the cardboard shredder that will suit your budget, space and business requirements perfectly.

Effective waste management:

There is a swelling demand for a circular economy in the business where there is no wastage, and the resources are regenerated. With cardboard shredders, you are opting for effective waste management that is environmentally conscious whilst offering your easy and convenient void and matting material.

Save on recycling costs:

Waste management costs your business for efficient removal and disposal. With cardboard shredders, you are recycling cardboard boxes that add more value without having throwaways. Reduced frequency of waste collection saves you in operational costs.

Range of cuts:

Whatever your purpose of recycling cardboard using a shredder is, you can choose different cuts for them. Choosing between straight or matting cuts based on your needs.

Design to save space:

A Cardboard Muncha is designed to take minimal space on your premises. It is compact and can be stored easily.

One-time investment that pays-out :

The cost of the Cardboard Muncha is a one-time solid investment that will offer you years of returns. The machine is built to be durable and to have the least downtime. With savings on void fillers, recycling, waste management, and selling insulation materials, the cardboard shredder pretty much pays for itself.

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